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Sun Music HD image from Dish tru HD

Images of Sun Music HD channel from Dish tv HD, This channel Sun music hd is now available on dish tv hd on lcn 92

here are some snaps

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  1. for new movies, the content is in full HD and some old films songs too.

  2. thats why 20rs for it is alright, while others were charging 50rs for it.

  3. the superstar pack hd channels content not fully hd always
    it is kind of mix of sd and hd, when hd content is playing the quality is very good, some artificial sharpening is there.
    sunmusic HD the volume is very very low so i have to increase it then when switching to other too much loud
    they should fix it

  4. Some more High Quality Images of Sun Music HD channel from Dish tv HD

    [align=center][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]

  5. good pic quality bro and could you please add more Sun music images mj bro?

  6. Pic quality is very good

    Excellent shots @MJ broo

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