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Supreme Sports Pack migration to Supreme Sports Kids Pack

This is what TS Customer Care people will reply to you when you call.

1. I had taken Supreme Sports Pack but I got an SMS saying that my package has been changed to Supreme Sports Kids Pack. Why has my package been changed?

Sir, We have a great package offering better value for money. Your base pack has been migrated to Supreme Sports Kids Pack so that you enjoy more channels at a minimal extra cost. Now you can enjoy 7 additional kids channels along with your base pack content at just Rs10 pm extra. You do not lose any content but gain 7 channels.

2. I was holding Supreme Sports Pack and Kids Pack as add on. So will I be charged Rs10 extra for the base pack change and Rs45 for Kids Pack also?

No Sir, we always wish to bring value for money for our subscribers. We have dropped the kids pack from your Tata Sky account. Now you do not have to pay Rs 45 pm extra for Kids Pack. You will continue to get the same content you were getting earlier and also start saving Rs Rs35 pm. Isn’t it great Sir!

3. I do not have kids at home, I do not want to pay Rs10 extra for the channels I do not watch.

“Sir, we understand, but Tata Sky has closed Supreme Sports Pack for its subscribers and instead a new package where subscribers get more value for money has been launched. The new package is at Rs250 pm where you get all the content of your current base pack and additional 7 Kids channels at an extra cost of Rs10 pm only. This new pack is launched on a popular customer demand.”

4. I am also holding other add on packs like- Ten channels and Actve services? Will it be impacted with this package change?

No Sir, this package change does not affect your any add on pack status on your Tata Sky account. You continue to enjoy add on packs that you have chosen.

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  1. Good post like this so that it will save time for people calling Customer care if they are going to answer like this only.

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