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Suvarna Plus added on Tatasky

Suvarna Plus, Kannada language channel is added on Tatasky and is currently in testing mode. Channel will be added soon on STB

Suvarna Plus is testing on frequency 11630 H 32000


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  1. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’32385′ dateline=’1423830165′]
    oh 🙂

    Star vijay doing in Tamil ?

    Yes Star Vijay advertising us to hear and enjoy their commentary in Tamil.

  2. I don’t know exactly but there are in few regional languages .

  3. oh 🙂

    Star vijay doing in Tamil ?

  4. They has to add this channel before WCC because as i heard this channel is telecasting in Kannada commentary.

  5. now today must be last day of additions for another 2 months

    World cup fever grips so customers will forget new channels..

  6. Suvarna Plus (Suvarna Plus) 11630, H, 32000 81% –

  7. Great addition by Tatasky. happy time for Kannada users .

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