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TATA SKY 4K channels removed from TP.

Tatasky removed TATA SKY 4K channels from its TP.


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  1. What aumnamonarayana said is as Tatasky fooled people is looking correct…. really not acceptable..

  2. Not only 4k STBs but also heavy investments in 4k TVs. Customers must have been feeling the stung.

  3. this is really bad move by Tatasky .. atleast they should have provided 1 4K Channel .. even repeat of WCC will make the 4K STB useres happy..

  4. Not a welcome move after so much propaganda.

  5. Basically they fooled people, also may be not many took 4K. Videocon is more successful in 4K, HD, SD these days

  6. Removing 4K Channel is bad move by Tatasky. 4K STB is waste now. right they got more space by removing 4K.

  7. Thanks Dayag Bro for the update. So they basically removed 3 HD chs from 10970 H and added it on 11050 H as the 4K channels removed had created space for 3 HD chs. Now they will add few new HD chs 9n 10970 h

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