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Tata Sky adds new learning game Flash Cards on Actve Wizkids

[align=justify]Flash Cards – a new learning game has been launched on Actve Wizkids.

This new game uses simple cards to teach young kids about Wild animals, Flowers, Colours & many other such themes.

Available every weekend, Flash cards is yet another fun learning tool on Actve Wizkids; which is part of the Fun Learning Pack at Rs.40 per month.

[u]FAQs for your reference.[/u]

1. What is ‘Flash Cards’?
Flash Cards are widely used as a learning drill to aid memorization. It is an important learning tool used in classrooms across the world. The Flash Cards application o Actve Wizkids is an extension of this learning tool on TV. The content on application is created especially for the chidren in age group 0 – 3 years, and covers themes like Alphabets, colours, shapes etc.

2. My child is of right age to use this application, but is too young to use the remote control.
This service is an autoplay service. All you need to do is select the Flash Cards icon from Actve Wizkids and the service will continue to loop by itself, providing hours of edutainment for the toddlers.

3. Where can I access this service?
This service is available on Actve Wizkids which is a part of the Fun Learning Pack.

4. How many Flash Cards themes will play on this service?
There will be one Flash Card theme played out each day the service is live.[/align]


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  1. good introduction in Active Wizkids

  2. this kind of game already in dish tv?

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