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Tata Sky breaks ground by airing longest Indian TVC

Tata Sky breaks ground by airing the longest TV commercial in the history of Indian advertising, with a run time of 210 seconds or 3 minutes & 30 seconds. The long duration works to advantage of retaining the creative impact of the story. The story revolves around a bunch of foreign convicts imprisoned in an Indian jail. These convicts conspire to escape when they realize that a cricket match is being played between India and Pakistan, assuming that the match would keep the Indian guards and the jailer occupied. But when the jailer and his men intercept their escape, the convicts are fumbled by what kind of Indian doesn’t watch such an epic match. That’s when the clincher kicks in – ‘a hard working Indian’, who with Tata Sky+ HD, can record it & watch it at his own time.In addition to TV channels, the TVC will also be screened in Cinemas. Take a look at the ad right here:

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  1. I am not a Jailer so TataSky+ is not meant for me I think 🙁

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