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Tata Sky CEO fires salvo at Prasar Bharati chief over DD Bharati issue

MUMBAI: In a classic case of
mudslinging in public, two chief
executive officers have started
blaming each other on social media
over the issue of not carrying DD
Bharati on Tata Sky.
Tata Sky CEO Harit Nagpal hit out at
Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar on
Twitter on 4 July, in response to a
subscriber who had tagged Nagpal and
Sircar in her tweet, asking them to
fix the issue.
“My 9th tweet for @DD_Bharati to
come back to 161 on @TataSky Will
@haritnagpal and @jawharsircar
please fix this SOON,” the tweet from
the subscriber read.
Within 20 minutes, Sircar answered
with two words, “Trying Trying.”
However, soon enough, Nagpal fired
back writing that Sircar is not even
taking his calls. “@jawharsircar
@sumitakale @DD_Bharati @TataSky
what are you trying Mr Sircar other
than making statements. You don’t
even take my calls.”
The drama unfolded on Twitter as the
subscriber asked Nagpal why the
channel was moved from EPG No. 161.
Nagpal replied it was between Tata
Sky and Sircar.
In a series of tweets, Nagpal wrote,
“That’s decided between us & Mr
Sircar. But he chooses Public
statements over decisions. Pls ask him
[Sircar] what DD does other than
release statements. Let Mr Sircar tell
me the priorities instead of ducking
calls and sending legal notices.”
But it did not stop there. In a reply,
Sircar asked Nagpal to ‘stop being
nasty’. “People want DD Bharati:
business sense is better than
compulsion. Pl don’t seek law for
everything public,” Sircar said.
Pat came Nagpal’s retort, “So send
someone to discuss priorities with me
instead of hiding behind regulation
and notices.”
Finally, Nagpal ended the arguments
by writing that he will not comment
further on the issue. “No more
responses till I have a Prasar Bharati
official sit across and re-do
priorities. Thank you.”
Earlier on 19 June, DD Bharati had
issued a statement stating that Tata
Sky had committed a serious violation
of government rule by stopping to
show India’s only channel dedicated to
art and culture.
“The issue has been taken up by
higher officials and a legal notice has
been issued. Team DD Bharati regrets
the plight of its esteemed viewers in
all possible manners,” it had said in
the statement.
DD Bharati has been missing from Tata
Sky since 13 June.

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  1. Nice story shared Anil g. Thnk you.

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