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Tata Sky cheating its customers

Few days back i recharged my Tata Sky account for Rs.165 to watch India vs Australia series. After recharging, when they activated my account, I got some error message in my box. “Error 999: Please contact the call center”. Then I booked a complaint. They solved the problem only after 5 days after the complaint is booked. They replaced my smartcard with new one. But the sad thing is they deducted Rs.100 for new smartcard and Rs.25 as visiting charges. But they refunded some Rs.24.xx for those 5 days blackout. I came to know about it only through the STB message. They didn’t even inform me about the deduction when they called me or when the engineer came to replace the card.

My account was valid till 16/01/2012. Due to Rs.125 deduction, My account got deactivated today (08/01/2012) itself.

I never thought Tata Sky would deduct amount like this without informing the customers. This is very bad on Tata Sky part.

I would never going to recharge the Tata Sky again.

Goodbye Tata Sky…

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  1. That is why I hate Tata sky. Why should we pay for their card mistake? Crap Tatasky.

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