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Tata Sky deploys Brocade to boost data center capacity

broadcaster Tata Sky has selected an
advanced networking system from
Brocade to significantly boost data
center capacity.
Tata Sky has been using Brocade
network switches for its call center
operations. Now, as part of a broader
upgrade at its key data center that
also increases data storage system
capacity from Brocade, the company is
set to deploy an efficient and highly
scalable Ethernet fabric based on
Brocade VDX 6740 switches and
Brocade VCS Fabric technology.
Compared to the conventional three-
tier switching infrastructure it will
replace, the Brocade network solution
operates as a single layer and as a
single virtual device that delivers
low-latency application performance
and a much better user experience.
“Tata Sky’s partnership with Brocade
is strategic and long term. The core
engineering talent and passion to
deliver stands out at Brocade. We are
planning to consolidate our data
centers and Brocade will be our
preferred networking partner. High
throughput, no latency, and the
highest level of automation are key
features of Brocade technology that
are directly relevant for our IT
infrastructure,” said Tata Sky chief
information officer Ravishanker.N.
“The explosive demand for
increasingly high-resolution video
content across all platforms is making
the media and entertainment industry
one of the hottest areas in terms of
adopting new network technology.
Tata Sky will be moving straight to
the leading edge with a data center
Ethernet fabric that will enable it to
scale its network almost effortlessly.
The intelligent foundation for the
increased virtualisation of its data
center operations will also give it the
agility to better deal with spikes in
service demand,” added Brocade
Australia and New Zealand senior
director Gary Denman.
As part of this solution, Brocade VDX
6740 switches support the VCS Fabric
technology, which enables a high-
performance switching cluster of
interconnected switches that are
manageable as a single device. By
adding switches to the fabric – which
is a simple matter of activating the 40
Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) interconnects
and powering up the devices – Tata
Sky will be able to enjoy linear data
center scalability in cost-effective
The Brocade VDX switches are
designed to support the high-
bandwidth demands of virtual machine
hosts, delivering a high density of
wire-speed 10 GbE ports in a top-of-
rack configuration. The low-latency
port-to-port performance across the
VCS fabric enables it to efficiently
manage the high level of “East-West”
traffic typical of cloud data centers.
The VCS fabric will also provide Tata
Sky with a very high level of network
automation and virtual machine
awareness, helping to greatly
increase the agility of its data center

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