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Tata Sky Launches Ultra Base Packs

Tata Sky Launches Ultra Base Packs & Removed Mega Packs

Ultra SD
313 Channels and services
Monthly (Rs 610)
Semi Annual (Rs 3460)
Annual (Rs 6700)
Biennial (Rs 12810)

Ultra South HD
382 Channels and services
Monthly (Rs 765)
Semi Annual (Rs 4340)
Annual (Rs 8400)
Biennial (Rs 16065)

Ultra HD
354 Channels and services
Monthly (Rs 730)
Semi Annual (Rs 4140)
Annual (Rs 8000)
Biennial (Rs 15330)

Ultra South SD
337 Channels and services
Monthly (Rs 650)
Semi Annual (Rs 3685)
Annual (Rs 7100)
Biennial (Rs 13650)


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  1. No Actve services now absolutely a loss. Only Actve Darshan is free with this pack.

  2. By launching new Pack they have also increased the price .. Rs 500 / hike.. only 1 thing good is now its available monthly too…

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