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Tata Sky Music+ added

“Tata Sky Music+” Service added on Channel Number 817. Price – Rs. 3/day


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  1. Love this channel mainly for their wide range of genre inclusions like international pop, country, rock and Indie music to jazz and blues, Sufi, folk, nazms and ghazals. Cover the taste of all members of the family. Also, music videos, concerts, artiste interviews and on-ground music events are added bonus.

  2. Tata Sky has a “Speciality” in adding Special Services. Why can’t they monetise it through ads & give it to us for free?

  3. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’61125′ dateline=’1476255033′]
    added finally?
    Yes bro

  4. Official Details. Only available on a per day basis, no monthly plans for this service

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