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Tata Sky Scholarship Quiz 10 winners Rs.2 lakhs each

Tata Sky Scholarship Quiz. Quiz Date: 15th August, 2014 from 00:00 hours to 23:59:59 hours (24 Hours period).

The Quiz is open only for Participant(s) who (i) are between eight (8) to eighteen (18) years of age as on Quiz Date; (ii) are citizen of India residing in India; (iii) guardian/parent/supervising adult of such Participant(s), are/is a Active Tata Sky subscriber from which the Quiz is played and (iv) enters the Quiz in accordance with the terms and conditions, rules mentioned below. All the above conditions are mandatory for an individual to qualify to be a Participant.


The Quiz is open only to those Participant(s), whose guardian(s), parent(s), supervising adult have an Active Tata Sky connection at the time of participation, through which the Participant(s) may participate in the Quiz.

The following persons cannot participate in this Quiz:
Employees and relatives of:
Tata Sky:
Quiz partners (if any) and its affiliates.

Tata Sky business associates including it’s dealers and advertising agencies and
Anyone else who is involved in the actual process of conducting the Quiz.
Tata Sky reserves the right, at any time, to verify Eligibility requirements, in any manner deemed appropriate by Tata Sky.
Periodicity of Choosing Winners: After the Quiz Date.

Prize: Top ten (10) winners will win Rs. 2 Lakhs each.

Quiz Document:

In the event of You choosing to participate in the Quiz, in addition to the terms and conditions stipulated in the Specific Terms and Conditions of Tata Sky Subscription Contract and / or Specific Terms and Conditions of Tata Sky Subscription Contract for Tata Sky Hardware provided on Entrustment basis (hereinafter, collectively referred to as the ‘Subscription Contract’) and / or Everywhere TV Terms and Conditions (‘EWTV T&C’), if applicable, You shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions contained herein this ‘Quiz Document’.

Process of participating in the Quiz

To participate in the Quiz, select Tata Sky Scholarship option which will be hosted under the Active Electronic Program Guide (EPG) listing of Tata Sky.
Participants/guardian/parent/supervising adult of such Participant (who is Active Tata Sky subscriber), having mobile phone connection of all mobile operators can SMS the code.

The cost of SMS would be Rs. 3 per SMS shall be solely borne by the Participant(s) and /or guardian/parent/supervising adult of such Participant.

On selecting the Quiz option, your television screen will display fifty (50) multiple choice questions with four (4) answer options, which will be edutainment based questions formulated from topics like history, geography, science, logical reasoning, general knowledge, politics and civics, English language from infotainment/edutainment channels and from general knowledge which is available on Actve services of Tata Sky like
Actve Fun Learn, Actve Vedic Maths and Actve English.

The questions and answer would be combination of: (a) text based questions and possible answers and / or (b) image and text based question and text based answer, and / or (c) audio and text based question and text based answer, and / or (d) Grid and text based question and text based answer, (e) crossword and text based question and text based answer, and / or (f) vedic maths questions and possible answers and / or (g) image and text based question and image based answer.

The Quiz will be conducted in English language only.
From the time of logging in the Quiz, you will have 30 minutes time to answer all the questions.

If you answer all the questions within the aforesaid 30 minutes, a submit option will be shown on your TV screen. Similarly, if you are not able to answer all the questions within the aforesaid 30 minutes, a code will be generated on your television screen.

There will be an option to skip any question in case you are not sure of the answer. However, you can revisit the skipped question(s) after attempting all the remaining questions but before the 30 minutes timeframe of the Quiz. However, answers to the questions are submitted they cannot be revisited.

You need to SMS the aforesaid code to 56633 on the Quiz Date itself. Responses sent after the Quiz Date shall not be considered and shall be null and void.

Your may send as many entries as you wish however only first entry of yours would be considered.

You must SMS your code to 56633 which will be available on your TV screen till the time you press the red button on your Tata Sky remote.

Wrong code sent by SMS from your end will not be considered.

Every correct answer will be given 10 points, every wrong answer will get negative 3 points, every unanswered question will give 0 points.

If you like to exit/quit participation in the Quiz at any point of time you can press red button on your Tata Sky remote control. However, you will not be allowed re-participate in the Quiz. On quitting the Quiz you shall not be entitled to the Prize.

Selection of the winners

At the end of Quiz, guardian/parent/supervising adult (who have an active Tata Sky connection via which the Quiz is played) of the Participant who has provided the maximum number of correct answers with minimum amount of time taken, will qualify to become a winner.

Top ten (10) guardian(s)/parent(s)/supervising adult(s) (who have an active Tata Sky connection) Participant(s) of whom have answered the questions with the least time taken will be declared as winners.

The results generated will be final and binding on the Participants and the guardian(s)/parent(s)/supervising adult(s) (who have an active Tata Sky connection).

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