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Tata Sky selects IBM hybrid storage to serve its TV customers

MUMBAI: Direct-to-home (DTH) player
Tata Sky has selected a new IBM
hybrid storage system to help it
better serve its 30 million TV
The company is using IBM DS8000
systems as its primary storage for all
critical workloads including CRM,
billing and disaster recovery.
Tata Sky CIO N Ravishanker said,
“Tata Sky simply cannot operate
without mission-critical storage that
provides the utmost business
continuity and operational efficiency
in both our primary and disaster
recovery sites. The technology
deployed at Tata Sky relies on
mitigating risk of data loss and at the
same time, accessing data swiftly.
With IBM DS8000 hybrid flash storage,
our response time has significantly
improved and queries now return in
less than one second, bringing higher
IBM Storage GM Jamie Thomas added,
“In today’s fast, analytics data-driv
en, cloud-based world, our clients
need storage options that they can
rely on and that directly impact their
ability to deliver high quality service
to their customers and outperform
competitors. As part of IBM’s bold
commitment to storage, today’s
launch of the DS8880 family offers an
ideal solution for clients like Tata Sky
that require high performing, mission
critical acceleration to manage the
changing conditions in the modern
Constant uptime and the risk of data
loss are always at the forefront of
data-driven enterprises like Tata Sky,
as well as banking, financial and
healthcare operations. Security is
also essential for both customer trust
and business operations.
The DS8000 claims to meet these
challenges by improving the
management of growing storage
demands required by today’s digital
To accelerate business critical
computing, IBM announced a new IBM
DS8880 family of enterprise hybrid
storage, a system designed with real-
time data insights for clients
requiring increased performance, data
protection and uncompromised,
nonstop availability.
With a large-scale disaster, business
continuance is just as important as
data protection and the DS8880 allows
remote mirroring that can be
integrated with a high availability
server capability to provide high levels
of availability.
For customers like Tata Sky that are
looking for integration with cloud-
based and mission critical
environments, the DS8880 family
offers integration with IBM z systems
and other IBM computer platforms to
improve business processes and
services by enabling systems for the
demands of analytics, big data and
cloud environments.
The new family of storage is available
worldwide beginning today with a
starting price of $50,000 and with
new licensing packages for simplified
ordering and installation.
The new models include IBM DS8884 –
a lower cost, space-saving system
with easy-to-use operations and
continuous availability for running
critical workloads on IBM z Systems,
IBM Power Systems or distributed
systems, as a dedicated platform for
consolidated systems or for multiple
Another model is IBM DS8886 – an
enterprise class system that
accelerates critical applications with
multi-site replication and IBM z
Systems, IBM Power Systems or
distributed systems integration in a
scalable package.
Meanwhile, IBM DS8888 is an all-flash
storage system, with availability in
early 2016, designed for acceleration
of critical applications with nonstop
availability and simplified integration.

Tata Sky selects IBM hybrid storage to serve its TV customers

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