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Tatasky added Dual encryptions to 14 channels

Tatasky added Dual encryptions for 14 channels in 11130 H TP.


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  1. MJ Bro, so u have any links to dealers and distributors of Tata Sky? Plz ask them if Tata Sky is moving to a new satellite or not. Thanks

  2. But in those times they add or remove some thing in the satellite you are watching so understandable. But this time you are telling popups because they might test in some other satellite. How is it possible? Even if we assume popups will come in this satellite for testing there, then it will mean they should be testing now itself. But if they are going to test in March why should popups comes now? They should come only during march :huh:

  3. Bro, whenever Tata Sky works in the back end and removes channel/service or adds a channel/service on their transponder EPG banner pops up automatically. Its normal and not a bug. Wait and watch bro, i am quite confident that March will bring some good news

  4. If epg is poping up then it might be bug in stb software how can checking on another satellite will make epg popup here?

  5. Also EPG is popping up automatically every now and then. I am 80 percent sure that they r moving to a new satellite

  6. Well for Dish TV and Videocon d2h motives were clear for such activity but for Tata Sky no one is able to guess anything so these situations r being worked up

  7. If you think these are signs of satellite shifting then by now D2H & Dish TV should have went to some 4-5 satellites.

  8. What are they doing? Its a deep mystery but surely some back end work is on

  9. They removed the 2nd Encryptions of 4 channels now.

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