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Tatasky Adds New Channel

Tatasky adds another new channel on its frequency but it is currently displaying name as “Disney Family Movies”

Hope it might change later to Max 2 or Zee Zindagi

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  1. Scanning 11010 H 27500… 59%
    – StarPlus (TV)
    – Sony (TV)
    – STAR World (TV)
    – Colors (TV)
    Disney Family Movies (TV)
    – StarGOLD (TV)
    – Z Cinema (TV)
    – Ch. 100 (TV)
    – trivia game (Data)
    – Help Trigger (Data)
    – Dynamic Updates (Data)
    – Movies OK (TV)
    – SAB (TV)
    – Zee TV (TV)
    – Cartoon Network (TV)
    – STAR Movies (TV)
    – Z Premiere (TV)
    Disney Family Movies (TV)
    [Scanned in 00:06]

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