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Tatasky Customer redressal numbers and Emails IDs

Details of call centres:

Tata Sky helpline

From MTNL/BSNL lines: 1860 425 6633
From other lines: Western India: 020 6600 6633
Northern India: 0172 6600 663
Southern & Eastern India: 040 6600 6633

Delhi: 011 6000 6633
Mumbai: 022 6000 6633
Kolkatta: 033 6000 6633
Chennai: 044 6000 6633
Bangalore: 080 6000 6633

Tata Sky subscribers can also contact Tata Sky via email at: help@tatasky.com


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  1. Dear Sir/Mam, I am a customer of Tatasky DTH Services for over 2 Years,initially the services were really appreciative,but lately,lot of issues with signal frequency.Even after complaining no effort was taken to resolve the issue.

    As per the telephonic complaint on 01/11/2015 to the service provider,i was promised for a free service but nobody responded for the complaint.

  2. informative post

  3. thanks for the contact number and rules regarding this. i request admin to make this sticky.

  4. Procedure and benchmarks for redressal of complaints through the call centres.

    Procedure- Tata Sky subscriber (“Subscriber”) should call the Tata Sky 24×7 helpline to lodge complaint with the call centre. Tata Sky associates are trained to answer Subscriber queries in 11 languages. On receipt of the Subscriber call, the associate shall register the Subscriber’s complaint and issue a docket number to the Subscriber.

    Benchmark- In case of complaints relating to non- receipt of all signals (other than those caused by disturbances of weather or natural calamities) by Subscriber, at least ninety per cent of all such complaints shall be redressed and signals restored within a period of twenty-four hours of the receipt of complaint;

    In case of complaints (other than non receipt of signals) by Subscriber, at least ninety per cent of all such complaints shall be redressed within a period of forty-eight hours of the receipt of complaint.
    All other complaints shall be addressed as early as possible.
    Instructions regarding operations of direct to home customer premises equipments:

    For detailed instructions regarding the operations of the DTH customer premises equipments, please refer the Tata Sky User Guide.
    Rights conferred upon the direct to home subscribers and duties and obligations of Tata Sky under the TRAI quality of service regulations.

    Please refer to the Quality of Service (QoS) norms/regulations prescribed by TRAI and the subsequent changes that may be made in this respect from time to time.


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