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Tatasky launching new box ‘Tatasky+ transfer’

Tatasky+ transfer box launching by tatasky on 19th August(today’s).

transfer box price-9300/

upgrade price-7890/


500GB hard disk
triple tuner
HD box


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  1. Existing subscribers can purchase a
    MultiTV connection for ` 8,900

  2. Tatasky+ transfer box ss

  3. Transfer is a service which allows
    Active Tata Sky Subscribers to
    transfer/stream recorded content on
    your mobile device from a Transfer
    set top box using the Subscriber’s Wi-
    Fi network. This service can be
    accessed through the Tata Sky Mobile
    app. The mobile app and the Transfer
    set top box need to be within the
    common Wi-Fi network to use this
    service. The Tata Sky mobile app is
    free to download.

    read more-

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