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Tatasky testing NTV Telugu news channel

Tatasky testing a new Telugu news channel “NTV” on TP 11170, H, 30000.


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  1. Adding Telugu channels itself is a great achievement in Tatasky as Telegu is just 2nd most spoken language in India. They will instead add English channels.

  2. today they have started EPG on this channel..

  3. they wont add tamil as they dont know tamil language 😀
    how long they will test this channel,they are just making sure its subscribers do not switch to other dth

  4. when r they going to add tamil channels…….:( 🙁 🙁

  5. @ravi,

    I think this channel will be added tomorrow along with NGC Wild as per MJ in one of the thread.


  6. [quote=’DTHGuide’ pid=’1867′ dateline=’1321970692′]
    they have to keep interest of all users , so they will add channels

    u r rite they are national dth operator so they have to take care of all.

  7. @mj, are they still testing this channel or removed.they added movies now without much testing so what is problem here with so much testing

  8. Mazhavil Manorama, one of the most except malayalam channels in all the DTH services recently.

    Hope they add atleast this channel.

  9. add malayalam? they have been removing only 🙁 hope they add mazhavil manorama

  10. They can also add some regional channels. They have to add few more Malayalam channels.

  11. instead of adding news channels, they would have added some general entertainment channels.

  12. they have to keep interest of all users , so they will add channels

  13. worst decision to add news channels.just recently added zee 36gar now this ,y so many channel all show same news

  14. what space they are reducing quality of channels now.
    they are still testing this channel and counting money 😀

  15. how they are getting space now suddenly?

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