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Tatasky tp 10970 got weak?

Tatasky tp 10970 got weak? or it is only me? Other tps coming strongly.


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  1. now it looks back to normal i hope as to me it looks same , maybe that time it was some issue

  2. This may be a warning sign if there is no problem in uplinking.

  3. Its still 10 percent

  4. Update: Now signal increased to some extent.

  5. Nahi Bro, i will be happy as Tata Sky as made customers suffer enough by not adding channels and making constant excuses. May be god is punishing them for being selfish and lying about bandwidth constraint which they could have easily resolved long ago

  6. Why you want to kill Insat? I think so that they will move to some other satellite and make true your prediction and also make Shubam happy by adding more channels.

  7. Yes, getting 10 percent signal quality on this TP. I wish all transponders die, i will be very happy

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