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Tatasky Wi-Fi remote

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Connect your Tata Sky+ HD set top box and mobile phone to the home Wi-Fi network, and transform your phone into a remote!


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  1. [size=large]Tata Sky launches updates of mobile app for Android devices[/size]

    Tata Sky are one of the first DTH providers to launch mobile app. Soon after the launch of the enhanced version of the mobile app for iOS users Tata Sky has now introduced the enhanced version on the android platform. The mobile access application is a free software easily downloadable from the Google Play Store on a list of android devices that can be found on the website. The app will now support all feature like programme guide, remote recording, extended programme info, setting reminders function. It will also provide a key function of using the device as a universal remote. Earlier the prerequisite for using the device as a universal remote was that it required a MP3 mobile accessory/hardware dongle. Now with its grandiose breakthrough the device can be used as a remote control for the set-top box directly without a dongle! This remote sends commands to the set-top box over the home wifi network. This upgraded version of the app will be supported on Android version 2.3 and higher.

  2. Once connected, the Wi-Fi Remote section offers three types of remotes


    Full Remote


    Full Remote is a complete replica of your physical remote on the Tata Sky Mobile app.

    The volume and channel buttons are located at the left and right side of the screen. You need to tap your fingers up and down on the horizontal bar to change the same.

    The keypad is in the center of the screen, which lets you to enter the channel number directly. A direction pad with the ‘select’ key is also located at the center which allows you to glance through the program guide on the TV like the physical remote and then allows you to select the preferred channel.

    Dedicated buttons are located at the bottom that helps you to access sections like –

    Info (i)

    Alongside, there are the four special buttons in different colours, which are similar to the physical remote (Red, Green, Yellow, Blue).

    Gesture Remote


    You can initiate the Gesture Remote from any section on the application just by tapping 2 fingers anywhere on the screen or by accessing it directly from the Wi-Fi Remote section.

    The Gesture Remote allows you to change channels, increase/decrease the volume, pause and play your live feed with just a swipe of a finger.

    All you need to do is swipe up or down to change channels or swipe left or right to change the volume.

    To pause live TV, just tap on the Pause button in the middle and the pause functionality will be activated, and the button changes to ‘Play’. To start viewing it again you can tap on the Play button.

    Quick Remote


    Using Quick Remote you can access all the popular channels with a single tap.

    All you have to do is tap on the channel you wish to watch from the list that appears on the screen.

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