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Test HD added on Dishtv with NEW TP

TEST HD channel is available now on Dishtv with New TP on channel number 40098


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  1. they might increase channels in future but currently might simply shift some channels from tps like 12595 H and also from asiasat if they want to keep it as DVB S1

  2. fast update and breaking news.they will increase the costs when they add channels.

  3. yes this frequency was strong even those days when CGN TV was there

  4. Excellent news MJ. :love:

    I am getting this TP with maximum signal compared to other Dish TV TP’s.

    Frequency: [color=#FF0000]11090[/color]
    Polarization: [color=#FF0000]Horizontal[/color]
    Symbol Rate:[color=#FF0000] 30000[/color]
    FEC:[color=#FF0000] 3/4[/color]
    Standard: [color=#FF0000]DVB-S2[/color]
    Modulation: [color=#FF0000]8PSK[/color]


  5. You might be right.. it is DVB S2 means it can be received only by HD users.. it must be added for HD channels or maybe they will vacated that 12522 V 40700 frequency which is DVB S1 on As5 and shift to this frequency and then make that TP as HD

    Lets wait for future developments 😉

  6. Dish tv now has got new frequency hurrayyyyyyyyyyyy lot more channels now on dishtv

  7. hmm… hope for the best
    do you think ESS were asking them to provide from nss :huh: its all assumptions though..

  8. Lets hope they add good channels without increasing costs. Time to post a new channel list 😀

  9. wow :love: great breaking news mj bhai you are really awasome, mindblowing in breaking news

    i am also getting 20 transponders now

    expect espn hd and star cricket hd on this tp

  10. total count now after this new addition is 346 TV channels


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