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Test HD Service and Test SD service replaces Test service channels

Test SD Service has replaced Test service 23 channel on frequency 11630 H 30000

and Test HD Service replaces Ne tv channel slot on tp 11590 H 30000…


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  1. promo means like advertising tatasky HD to sd users, just look at epg they say To get star plus HD subscribe to.. …
    just like how dishtv giving GO HD channel

  2. but i think promo channel no need for star plus HD.this is already popular,my expectation is new channel(Ten HD).

  3. This might be Promo channel to sell Star Plus HD 🙁

  4. Test HD now changed to Star Plus HD

    * Updated *
    1) STARPlus HD (TO Get STARPlus HD,Subscribe to) 11590,H,30000 Channel Name(“Test HD Service”=>”STARPlus HD”)Provider(“STARPlus HD, you need to subscr”=>”TO Get STARPlus HD,Subscribe to”)

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