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Test1 and Test2 added in Dish TV…..

Dish TV added Test1 and Test 2 channels….
Presently showing color bars…


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  1. Now Both Channels r having EPG…


  2. Waiting for new DD FD GSAT Tp in dishtv

  3. Now DD FD has changed the NID to 1… so Dish TV will get them as i think….

  4. AFAIK they will get all MPEG2 Channels from DD FD MPEG2 TPs.

  5. There is another probability is … Dish TV might add few important channels which r now from DD FD… this may happen if Dish TV is not able to get the channels from DD FD after the upgradations of Transponders …

  6. Asianet HD /MMHD with VH1 HD may be in the next additions …

  7. Could be FX HD/Asianet HD/MMHD but why they are not adding in TPs on AsiaSat5?

  8. I think some channels will be Shifted from AS5 … may be a HD Channel addition … 😛

  9. AFAIK dishtv not interested adding Hindi Music channels (E24, Music Xpress, MTunes SD) [9XO(English)]

  10. May be news or hindi movie channels

  11. both having hindi audio

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