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Think HD, Think Media Pro

Saw this adv banner Think HD Think Media Pro and in that site they are showing Zee tv HD, Zee Cinema HD also… no idea why Zee is still not adding it

Zee TV HD 30.00
Zee Cinema HD 30.00
Zee Studio HD 30.00


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  1. Yes but its shame on dishtv for not adding it yet.

  2. Zee tv hd 30rs, it is same cost like Star hd channels not bad this time zee did not put monster rates for ala carte

  3. If Star HD and Zee HD combined then this is the cost as per website

    Rs 144.00

    1. Star Plus HD
    2. Star Gold HD
    3. Star Movies HD
    4. Star World HD
    5. NGC HD
    6. Zee TV HD
    7. Zee Cinema HD
    8. Zee Studio HD

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