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Times Network to launch Property Now channel in October

MUMBAI: Times Now, ET Now and
Property Now. That will form the
news bouquet of Times Network, with
the real estate and property channel
launching in October to complement
business news channel ET Now.
Property Now is most likely to launch
after Shradh, Times Network MD and
CEO MK Anand revealed. ET Now editor
of real estate and personal finance
Faye D’Souza will be the editor of the
new channel. She will report to Times
Network president news Arnab
TelevisionPost.com had earlier
reported that Times Network was
planning to launch a property channel.
According to Anand, Property Now was
a natural extension as the company
already has the ET Now
infrastructure. He also said that
D’Souza is the ideal person to head
the channel as she comes with a lot of
understanding of the real estate

With 60% ad inventory booked, channel
to break-even in first year

Anand also believes that Property Now
will open up a category. The real
estate segment ad market is close to
Rs 3,000 crore (Rs 30 billion) and is
dominated largely by the print
The channel is looking to break-even
in the first year itself, having booked
50–60 per cent of the ad inventory
for the year. Some of the key
advertising categories on the channel
are real estate, real estate portals,
building constructions and interiors.
“We have already got a reasonably
large number of launch partners.
Almost 50–60 per cent of our annual
revenue has already been booked. I
hope to launch the channel with all my
targets met,” he said.

Times Response team to play a role

While the channel is being helped by
the Times Response team in roping in
advertisers, Anand clarified that
there would be no commercial linkages
between Times Property, the property
supplement of The Times of India, or
Magic Bricks, the real estate portal
owned by Times Internet.
“We don’t have commercial linkages
with Magic Bricks or Times Property,
but yes the whole go-to market with
builders has happened in tandem with
Times Response. We are doing it as a
joint sales activity with Response,”
he stated.
The network is also luring to buy into
Property Now along with Times Now
and ET Now. “We are encouraging
builders to advertise on Times Now and
ET Now with Property Now as a lead
piece,” he stated.

Content plan

Property Now will have 2.5–3 hours
of original content. It will air news
bulletins and debates apart from
international syndicated content.
According to D’Souza, the channel will
have two key time bands, afternoon
for homemakers and primetime. The
channel will cover a wide range of
issues including industry trends and
pricing trends. It will also have
lifestyle shows on interiors and home
“We will spend a lot of time on advice
which includes tax, home loans and
legal aspects. We will have panellists
who will answer questions. The
debates will put into perspective
important developments of the day.
Our focus is on the end consumer who
is buying or selling,” she said.
“Our fundamental aim is to improve
customer experience in buying a
property. We want to bring urban
development on the agenda. Through
this channel, we will bring all the
stakeholders together,” she added.

English and Hindi mix

The channel will be mainly in English
with some sprinkling of Hindi. “It will
be in a language that the corporate
understands so it will have English
with a mix of Hindi,” said Anand.


The channel will be distributed across
India with Male 25+ as the prime TG.
It will also target females through
lifestyle content.
In terms of distribution, 1 million+
towns will be a priority market. In
fact, the channel is in the process of
inking a few carriage deals with MSOs.
“We are targeting the ET Now
penetration. However, it will have a
higher reach because the subject is of
greater interest,” he noted.
He also stated that Property Now will
have a bigger reach than existing
news channels but distribution will
have a phased rollout.


There are plans to launch Property
Now app by December–January.
However, the app will not compete
with any of the real estate portals as
they are search platforms.
Partners Amagi for geo-targeted
The channel has also partnered Amagi
Media, which provides geo-targeted
advertising, to offer split beams in
different cities. The rationale behind
the experiment is that consumers are
more interested in properties in their
neighbourhood rather than a distant
“We are going to be experimenting
with splitting television beam. We
have partnered Amagi for the
technology which is our innovation.
They have been splitting ads for geo-
targeting. We asked them whether
they could split content. This will
allow us to air four different shows at
four different locations,” Anand

60% ad booked, Property Now eyes break-even in Year 1

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  1. Times Network, the broadcast arm of
    Bennett Coleman & Co , has announced
    the launch of a 24× 7 realty and
    property news channel, Property Now.
    The announcement was made by MK
    Anand, MD & CEO, Times Network, at
    the inaugural session of FICCI’ s The
    Big 5 Construct India 2015 , held in
    Mumbai yesterday. While the launch
    date is not yet specified , Anand said
    that the new channel should launched
    any time after the culmination of the
    ‘Shradh ’ period in October .
    Speaking at the event, Anand said,
    “Poised for an unprecedented growth
    boosted by the Government’ s Smart
    city and housing- for -all projects ,
    the housing and realty sector
    commands investments of over 60 per
    cent of the Indian household savings .
    We feel that the industry needs a
    cohesive and powerful platform,
    where all the stakeholders can
    exchange their views , communicate
    with each other, and influence the
    policymakers for the upgradation of
    the sector. Hence, we are delighted
    to announce the launch of Times
    Network’ s 24- hour dedicated real
    estate and property channel –
    Property Now. The channel will aim to
    address all needs related to real
    estate, property and infrastructure . ”
    The new channel will be a unique
    destination for content and
    information on the property market ,
    offering viewers ’ unbiased
    information that makes the home –
    buying process simpler and more
    The channel will be helmed by Faye
    D’ Souza, who is also the Editor –
    Personal Finance & Real Estate, ET
    Now. President – News , Times
    Network, Arnab Goswami , will guide
    the new channel and lead the editorial
    “India ’s existing needs for housing is
    a $2 . 3 trillion problem. 30- 35 per
    cent of the housing cost goes to the
    government as taxes and fees . The
    government has a long -held dream of
    having low cost housing for all by
    2022. It is here that media needs to
    play a responsible role and facilitate a
    dialogue between the government , the
    local bodies and the real estate
    industry, ” said Faye D’ Souza.
    Property Now will have two and a half
    hours of original programming , news
    and debates in the evening. There will
    also be a host of featured shows ( on
    weekends) on infrastructure ,
    location, regions, cities, government
    initiatives, smart cities and also
    shows cutting across lifestyle ,
    interiors, home décor and more . The
    channel will also have syndicated
    feature shows.
    Sharing more on the programming of
    Property Now, D’ Souza said, “ The
    channel will have news bulletins that
    will share the industry and pricing
    trends and put into perspective any
    development happening on the day . It
    will have debates, wherein we will get
    guests who are accountable to the
    customers, to come and talk about
    what’ s happening in this segment.
    There will be a show, wherein viewers
    can call and address their queries
    related to property and panellists will
    be demystifying those queries.
    Besides , there will be features on
    various subjects like how to decorate
    your house, how to make it safe for a
    child, etc . The channel will have a
    broad spectrum of content related to
    legality of buying properties ,
    financing related to properties, and
    so on. ”
    While Anand refused to divulge the
    names the advertisers on the new
    channel, he said, “ We’ ve already got a
    reasonably large number of launch
    partners signed up. I haven’ t started
    accepting regular advertising as at
    the moment we ’re only looking to tie
    up with launch partners. Suffice it to
    say that 50 -60 per cent of the total
    annual revenue is already booked. ”
    To be distributed pan -India , the
    channel will be targeting the 1 mn +
    markets initially . In will reach the
    target markets currently being served
    by ET Now in a phased manner .
    When pointed out about the online
    real estate market , Anand said, “ We
    already have Magicbricks.com in that
    area. But Property Now will not be a
    search and transaction business .
    Ultimately, we’ re trying to create an
    audio- visual brand called Property .
    But it doesn’ t mean that it will be
    limited to the broadcast platform. By
    January 2016 , we’ ll have the
    Property Now app . However, we will
    not be competing with Magicbricks.com
    or Commonfloor. com. Property now
    will be all about educating and
    informing a consumer. ”
    When asked about how the channel
    would address consumer grievances , he
    replied, “ Our fundamental aim with
    Property Now is to improve the
    customer experience while buying a
    home. The feedback that we ’ve
    received is that customer finds it
    extremely painful to buy a home . Be it
    at the hands of the builders, the
    labour board or the government bodies
    – we will report on all such consumer
    grievances. ”
    He further said, “Regional is a major
    investment destination. There are
    3- 4 top end markets like Mumbai ,
    Delhi NCR, Bangalore, and may be
    Pune to a certain extent . Then there
    are the second rung cities like
    Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, etc .
    From an advertising point of view, and
    also later on from a content point of
    view, we will be experimenting with
    this channel by splitting television
    beams. We have already invested in
    that technology , with Amagi as our
    partner. They have been doing this for
    Property Now is the latest channel
    from the Times Network bouquet,
    which comprises Times Now, ET Now,
    Zoom, Movies Now, MN + , and Romedy

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