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TIMES NOW shatters all records with Bihar elections!

[size=large][align=center]TIMES NOW shatters all records with Bihar elections![/align]

Mumbai, November 19, 2015: The biggest event on the News calendar for 2015 was the Bihar Election Result. Once again TIMES NOW has broken all records of viewership to reiterate that it is the Channel of Choice for viewers especially on big political events.

This year TIMES NOW broke viewership records with Bihar Elections coverage, amassing a 64% viewership on counting day. The channel scored 68% viewership in the evening prime time segment (6pm to 11pm) and 64% in the critical period when the results were being announced. The viewership figures reflect that while Times Now got approximate two third of the audiences with it, the other four channels in the English news segment shared the remaining one third.
A closer look at the data makes it clear that the viewership enjoyed by TIMES NOW was miles ahead than the other English News channels. The viewership of TIMES NOW on counting day was 475% of its closest competitor, making it a
one horse race for viewership on Election results day.

Led by Arnab Goswami, President, News Times Network and an expert team of psephologists and political analysts, TIMES NOW distinguished its coverage with a series of new statistical tools like Spectrum, Clusters and firewalls; new levels of graphical display, use of hologram technology and a scale of Election day news production that none of the competitors could match.

Most importantly while several channels got the numbers on counting day wrong, with one channel even declaring victory for the BJP a little later after 9am, TIMES NOW was spot on with the numbers, accurately predicting the results both on the exit day poll telecast as well as the results broadcast on Sunday, November 8th.
Arnab Goswami, President, News Times Network says “Credibility and only credibility matters on critical news events like Elections. The fact that all other channels have been rejected and Times Now has got viewership record proves that there is only one choice for News broadcasting that is head and shoulders over everyone else. I am proud of the achievement of the team at Times Now, which came together to achieve this figure.”

This is yet another election where Times Now has been Number 1 on Election Day. Times Now also scored well over every other channel on the day of General Elections as well as during the state assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, J&K in 2014 and the Delhi Elections in February 2015.

[color=red]*Source: BARC | Period: 8th Nov’15 | Market: All India 1Mn+ | TG: Males 22+ AB | Daypart: 08:00-12:00 hours | Relative Share%[/color]
[color=red]**Source: BARC | Period: 8th Nov’15 | Market: All India 1Mn+ | TG: Males 22+ AB | Daypart: 18:00-23:00 hours | Relative Share%[/color]

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