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Toonami acquires rights of Japanese anime series for Asia

MUMBAI: Turner International Asia
Pacific’s action adventure channel
Toonami has picked up the rights of
popular Japanese anime series ‘Yo-Kai
Watch’ for Asia.
The channel has snapped up 65 half-
hour episodes and will be available on
an exclusive basis in almost all
countries around the region.
Starting on 27 June, Toonami will air
the quirky series cross South and
Southeast as part of its Anime Siege
primetime programming block which
runs on weekends from 9:30 am and
also includes ‘Beast Saga’,
‘Beywheelz’, ‘Beywarriors
Beyraiderz’, ‘Inazuma Eleven Go
Galaxy’, ‘Beywarriors Cyborg’ and
‘Dragonball Z Kai’.
‘Yo-Kai Watch’ follows the
adventures of Keita, a boy who
unearths a magical watch that allows
him to meet and befriend friendly Yo-
Kai. Originating from Japan, ‘Yo-Kai
Watch’ has inspired a massive loyal
following among kids and adults alike
– leading to a nationwide dance
sensation to one of the show’s
featured tunes.
Turner International Asia Pacific
chief content officer Mark Eyers said,
“Yo-Kai Watch is the perfect
complement to Toonami’s dynamic
anime line-up. We’ve seen kids in
North Asia react so positively to this
unique series with its eccentric and
surprising characters – and uplifting
music. In both Japan and Korea, the
franchise’s success has extended way
beyond the screen to become a
genuine phenomenon loved by both kids
and families. We can’t wait to see Yo-
Kai Watch enthrall Toonami’s
audiences in South and Southeast
The IP first began as a Nintendo
computer game and contains the
theme song Gera Gera Po, which is
sung and danced to by thousands of
children around the world. The
franchise has so far generated an
estimated $1.5 billion in merchandise.
Video sales have so far exceeded 6.5
million units, one million CDs,
complemented by 4 million comic sales.
Last December, the Yo-Kai Watch
movie premiered in 347 screens in
Japan garnering more than 6.5 billion
yen from the box office in three

Toonami acquires rights of Japanese anime series for Asia

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