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TRAI to sit with MSOs, broadcasters on 14 July to resolve interconnect issues

MUMBAI: With digital addressable
system (DAS) deadline for Phase III
drawing closer, interconnect
agreements between broadcasters and
multi-system operators (MSOs)
continue to be elusive. This is
worrying the Ministry of Information
and Broadcasting (MIB) and the
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
Now TRAI will be holding a meeting
with MSOs and broadcasters on 14 July
to resolve specific issues that they
are facing in signing interconnect
In the ninth Task Force meeting for
DAS Phase III, held on 7 July, under
the chairmanship of Additional
Secretary JS Mathur, the TRAI
representative had said that to
resolve specific issues related to the
signing of interconnect agreements
between a particular MSO and a
broadcaster for distributing TV
signals in Phase III areas, a meeting
would be held on 14 July at the TRAI
Accordingly, MSOs concerned have
been advised to bring such issues to
the notice of TRAI at das@traigov.in
by 10 July.
The MSOs may also indicate the name
of the broadcaster with whom they
are having the specific issue so that
the representative of that
broadcaster may also be called for
meeting. TRAI will convey the exact
time of the meeting to the
participants through email after
receiving the representation.
It must be noted that the MIB and
TRAI have been emphasising that the
MSOs and broadcasters must sign
interconnect agreements quickly so
that the MSOs can start seeding set-
top boxes (STBs) and collect customer
application forms (CAF) from
Upset about the slow progress in the
signing of interconnect agreements,
the MIB in the eighth DAS Task Force
meeting on 27 May had asked the MSOs
and broadcasters to sign interconnect
agreements by 21 June or face TRAI’s
That deadline passed as the MSOs and
broadcasters failed to sign
interconnect agreements due to
issues over pricing. The broadcasters
and MSOs had earlier also missed the
deadline for signing interconnect
agreements by 30 April.
The MSOs have said that they had sent
information sought by the
broadcasters to sign interconnect
agreements. However, the
broadcasters are yet to respond to
their offer. The broadcasters, on the
other hand, argue that the MSOs have
not provided enough information about
seeding plans leading to delay in the
signing of agreements.
In this war of words, the signing of
interconnect agreement has taken a
backseat, prompting the MIB and TRAI
to nudge the MSOs and broadcasters to
resolve the issue as soon as possible.

TRAI to sit with MSOs, broadcasters on 14 July to resolve interconnect issues

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