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&TV HD added in LCN 3

&TV HD added -LCN 3


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  1. Now “&TV HD” Activated to its Customers.

    Now Some Changes that Now “&TV HD” logo is Some Small then Earlier also they Created Small (HD logo) with Channel.

  2. some latest pic


  3. Now i am also getting the Channel.

  4. I am getting in Royale HD.. They have now reduced the HD logo size and now it looks good like & pictures HD

  5. I am not getting this channel in my Full ON HD add on.
    Just now got information that the channel is not yet updated and it will be free for Full ON HD add on. don’t know about other HD packs.

  6. Some SS of “&TV HD” from Me:-

  7. Snaps from Me .


  8. here are some screenshots

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