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Viacom launches Play Plex suite of branded mobile TV apps

MUMBAI: Viacom International has
announced the launch of Viacom Play
Plex, a suite of mobile TV apps
allowing its distribution partners to
offer smartphone and tablet users
around the world access to content
from all its international TV brands,
anytime and anywhere.
Viacom said the apps will be available
to launch in the fourth quarter of
2015 in all of the 180 international
territories in which it owns and
operates TV channels.
There will be a separate mobile Play
app for each of Viacom’s major
international TV channel brands
including Comedy Central, MTV,
Nickelodeon, Paramount Channel,
Spike and BET. It will offer video-on-
demand (VOD) access to a range of
current and library content, local
linear stream of the relevant channel
and other content including games for
Nick Play.
Viacom is exploring different
distribution options for Viacom Play
Plex, with the suite of apps being
offered on both a collective and
standalone basis to existing pay TV
partners in every territory to
integrate into their TV Everywhere
services where available.
Viacom International Media Networks
president and CEO Bob Bakish said,
“Viacom Play Plex offers us maximum
flexibility in distributing our content
as the way viewers consume their
favourite TV shows continues to
evolve. These apps are designed to
complement our linear pay TV channels
and to allow our existing distribution
partners to deepen and improve the
entertainment experience they offer
their subscribers. But, Viacom Play
Plex also opens up new distribution
opportunities for us, particularly in
the fast-growing mobile TV sector
and ultimately, positions us to
succeed in a world of more
personalized entertainment services
and greater consumer choice.”
Pay TV providers have already signed
deals with Viacom to offer subscribers
authenticated access to the Nick app,
including NOS in Portugal. Viacom is
collaborating with other providers on
upcoming launches including Foxtel in
Australia and OSN in the Middle East
and North Africa region.
The Nick app, which has been rolled
out in five international markets
since 2013, is being updated and
rebranded as Nick Play internationally
to become part of Viacom Play Plex.
Viacom will also look for new
distribution partners for the Viacom
Play Plex apps, including mobile
network operators.
Each branded Play app will be localised
for each country in which it is made
available, both in terms of language
and available content, giving users
more ways to access Viacom’s series
like ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’,
‘Catfish: The TV Show’ and ‘Lip Sync
Battle’, as well as local productions.
Bakish added:,“Viacom Play Plex
allows viewers across the globe to
watch the TV shows they love from
their favourite Viacom brands anytime
and anywhere. We believe no other
international entertainment company
is offering this type of innovation at
this scale, serving every major
demographic in every major TV
Mobile TV viewers everywhere will get
access to a video-focused user
interface and video player, which
reduces loading and buffering times,
as well as an algorithmic menu that
adapts to their tastes. Apps will
include social and sharing components,
and will be available in both iOS and
Android to download from the Apple
App store and Google Play store

Viacom launches Play Plex suite of branded mobile TV apps

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