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Viacom18 looks to grow the pie with Colors Infinity

MUMBAI: Viacom18 is looking to grow
the pie of the English entertainment
genre with the launch of Colors
Infinity and Colors Infinity HD.
India has a large English-speaking
population. However, not all of them
watch English content. The idea
behind launching Colors Infinity is to
widen the audience base for English-
language content.
Having acquired 2,000 hours of
original content from leading studios,
Colors Infinity aims to stand out from
the competition.
Why is Viacom18 foraying into the
English general entertainment
channel space?
English entertainment channels have
never gone out of their way to
attract newer audiences, something
Colors Infinity will try to change. It
wants to be that channel that comes
in, grows the category, and takes it
to a much wider audience. Colors
Infinity aims to stand out from the
competition on the back of
differentiated content.
English is a mainstream language.
English entertainment content should
also go mainstream. Hence the idea of
an English GEC with a mainstream
What will be the content strategy?
Colors Infinity will have content from
every single genre. The channel will
feature drama, comedy, mini-series,
action, thrillers, superheroes and
talent shows. There is a range of
lifestyle shows as well covering food,
dancing, singing and magic. In
addition, the channel will air some big
live events.
However, there is no plan to air
movies. The channel is confident that
a series-cum-movie channel is not a
GEC proper.
How strong is the content pipeline?
The channel has signed multi-year
deals with major Hollywood studios
and acquired 2,000 hours of new
content. This pipeline will keep
Colors Infinity will showcase content
from Warner Bros, NBC Universal,
21st Century Fox, Lionsgate, Sony
Pictures, Endemol Shine Group, BBC
Production and MGM. Besides, the
channel will have content from a host
of other independent content
When is the launch?
The launch date of the channel has
not been announced yet. But it will be
before September. In September, the
channel will telecast several shows
that air simultaneously in the US.
Initially, it will run on a free-view
basis. It will be available in standard
definition (SD) as well as high
definition (HD) right from Day 1 of its
Why use the Colors brand for the new
There is a strategy at play here.
Viacom18’s GEC brand is Colors. In
the kids genre, it is Nickelodeon while
in the youth space it is MTV. Colors is
an urban and aspirational brand. It is
supposed to have a lot of resonance
with the type of audience the channel
wants to tap. The Colors master brand
will help the channel to reach a wider
audience base. The endeavour is to
grow the pie.
What is the revenue model?
Colors Infinity will be an ad-driven
channel, because subscription-based
model is yet to take shape in the
country. The time is not right for a
subscription-only service. The Indian
market lacks depth for a
subscription-led model.
What role will Karan Johar and Alia
Bhatt play?
Colors Infinity has roped in Karan
Johar and Alia Bhatt as co-curators of
the channel. They have provided the
team a lot of insights into which
shows to pick.
This is a key part of the strategy to
bring in a broader audience, to build
more relevance among the base that
identifies with them and looks up to
them. They will be integrally involved
with the channel’s marketing
What is the distribution strategy?
The channel is looking at a reach of
30 million initially. It will be widely
available across DTH, digital cable TV
platforms and in certain 1–10 lakh+
While Colors Infinity and Colors
Infinity HD will be pay channels, both
will be initially offered free to allow
viewers to sample the channels.

Viacom18 looks to grow the pie with Colors Infinity

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