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Video-On-Demand Service Goes Paid

[align=justify]VoD service goes paid from 28th February 2012.

Please find below details for the same:

Free Catalogue:
[*]The subscribers will be able to view Free Catalogue (Movies + TV Serials + Concerts) till 27 February 2012
[*]Any content downloaded on or before 27 February 2012 will have a maximum expiry date of 29 February 2012
FAQs for Paid Video on Demand (VoD)

1.Till when can the subscriber view the Free catalogue?
The subscriber will be able to view the Free catalogue that includes Movies + TV Serials + Concerts only till 27 Feb 2012.

2. What will be the expiry date for a subscriber who will download a free movie on or before 27 Feb 2012?
The expiry date for all free content downloaded on or before 27th Feb will be 29th Feb.

3. When is Paid VoD being launched?
Paid VoD is being launched on 28 Feb 2012.

4. What will become paid on VoD?
All the Movies and other special content available on VoD will be charged from 28 Feb 2012 onwards. Only Catch Up TV will continue to be available free of charge.

5. Is any new content being added to VoD?
Yes, there is. While currently about 200 movies and concerts are available on VoD, from 28 Feb 2012 March 2012 onwards this library will increase. Over 600 Movies, Concerts, TV shows and Theatre Plays will be available then.

6. Can we have an overview of the kind of paid content that will be available from 28 Feb 2012 onward?
There will be Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, Regional Movies in Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam & Tamil languages, Classic TV shows like I Love Lucy and newer TV shows that cover Travel & Lifestyle genres, Concerts of international stars and Theatre Plays in Gujarati, Punjabi & Marathi available on Paid VoD.

7. What is the price of content available on VoD?
The price varies depending on the content. A subscriber can see the price of the content displayed on the screen before making a purchase.

8. Are the internet usage charges for downloading content from VoD included in the price?
No, the download charges will be applicable as per the internet service provider the subscriber has and will be payable to them directly. Internet charges will always be applicable whether downloading free or paid content and will always be payable to the subscriber’s internet service provider directly.

9. When is a subscriber’s account actually charged?
Once a subscriber confirms the purchase of the film, his/her account will be charged after the download of the film is completed. In case a subscriber deletes a film in a partial state of download he/she will not be charged however internet usage charges will be as applicable by the subscriber’s internet service provider. Once the account is charged the subscriber will get an alert informing him/her of the same.

10. What will be the expiry date for paid content?
The expiry date for paid content will vary. The VoD screen that the subscriber sees before choosing to download displays the validity as ‘Valid for:’ followed by the number of hours the content will be available for the subscriber to watch. This period ranges from 24 hours to 168 hours currently depending on the type of content downloaded. The expiry date of content already downloaded is listed in the Download Manager under Plan.

11. How many times can a subscriber view the downloaded content?
Once downloaded, the content can be viewed as many times as the subscriber wishes until the expiry date.

12. Does the subscriber need to be connected to view previously downloaded content?
No, once the content is downloaded and shows 100% download complete in the subscriber’s Download Manager, the subscriber can view it even when he/she is not connected to the internet.

13. Will a subscriber be able to watch downloaded content when he/she is deactive?
No, a subscriber in deactive state will not be able to watch the content he/she has already downloaded.

14. What happens if a subscriber’s account balance depletes to zero while he/she is downloading something? Will the subscriber’s download queue be completed?
If the subscriber has zero or negative balance in his account he/she will not be able to download any paid content from VoD.

15. Can a subscriber search for a specific movie in the VoD library?
Yes. To search in the VoD catalogue a subscriber has to press the Showcase button on the remote, select Video on Demand and then press the yellow button on the remote to bring up the Search screen. In the Search screen one can just enter the name of the movie and if it is part of the VoD catalogue it will appear on the screen.[/align]


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  1. Its good that Catch UP TV is still for free also we have more than 1000 TV shows and movies to choose from in VOD.

  2. Bad move by Tatasky who always cries for more money.

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