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Videocon HD or Sun Direct HD for Tamil Channels

I primarily watch South Indian (Tamil) & sports channels. I used to have Videocon before but I observe that Videocon has been steadly increasing the package prices in the last one year.

Advantage of Sun Direct
Cheaper HD packages
Free USB recording

Dis Advantage of Sun Direct
Low quality STB ?
Very bad remote with a range of only 5 feet
Low signal strength ?

Advantage of Videocon
Better picture quality
Better quality STB
Radio Frequency Remote
More channels?

Dis Advantage of Videocon
Getting more expensive
Expensive HD packages
Monthly fee to use USB recording

Any other advantages or disadvantages based on your experience

What do you people think? Is it better to get Sun Direct HD STB

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  1. wait for couple of months and then you can decide, as we are awaiting what Sun Direct will do once it gets new transponders and space to add more channels and improve quality

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