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Videoguard/NDS and another Irdeto ECM added in Vijay TV

Sun Direct added another Irdeto and VideoGuard/NDS encryptions for Vijay TV. now this channel have 3 ECM.
Also added another audio .it’s Telugu in AAC Format.



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  1. Most likely only few channels may be offered in CAM .

  2. A subscriber should be able to change his operator if he desires to do so for any reason. However, for a subscriber to make an informed decision regarding migration, he should experience services of the operator for an adequate time period. Further, this will also allow opportunity to an operator to recover a service lapse. However, if this period is too long, it would effectively deny the benefit of commercial interoperability to subscribers. To strike a balance, in the draft TO, a lock-in period of a maximum of 3 months has been proposed for all the schemes offered by DTH operators.

  3. In order to ensure effective commercial interoperability, the draft Tariff Order proposes to mandate DTH operators to declare price of all types of CPEs offered by them alongwith the installation & activation charges and applicable taxes towards CPE, if any. DTH operators may also declare these parameters for refurbished CPEs in addition to the brand new CPEs. And, taking these declared parameters, DTH operators shall offer an outright purchase scheme, both, for brand new and refurbished CPEs, for each type of CPEs. Such standard schemes shall, as proposed in this draft TO, be stand alone schemes for CPEs and shall not have any programme (channels or bouquets of channels) bundled with them.
    To ensure that such schemes offered by a DTH operator are not illusory for subscribers vis-à-vis other schemes offered by it, it is important that every scheme, including bundled schemes, offered by the operator should have the buy
    -back/refund mechanism built into it. And, the buy-back/refund mechanism in each scheme, offered by the operator,
    should be governed by the buy-back/refund mechanism of the standard scheme for the same type of CPE.

  4. Only possibilities are CAM is on the way of launching soon but is it possible these DTH operators come in to one policy of launching CAM ?

  5. CAMs launching?

  6. NDS is given free to all? Why many are suddenly fond of NDS?

  7. May be new channel adding.

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