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Vizeum to lead rebranding of BBC Knowledge to BBC Earth across Asia

MUMBAI: Vizeum has been appointed to
lead the launch of the BBC Earth channel
across Asia. Consistent with BBC
Worldwide’s global strategy BBC Knowledge was rebranded to BBC Earth
on 3 October, 2015. In Asia, BBC Earth will be available in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, South
Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
There is also a BBC Earth block in
Japan on Wowow.
For India, BBC Worldwide entered into
a joint venture partnership with Multi
Screen Media (MSM) to launch the
channel of BBC Earth. The co-branded
channel will be called Sony BBC Earth.
“It’s fantastic to have been appointed
to launch BBC Earth in Asia and to
expand Vizeum’s global relationship
with the BBC. We look forward to
working with the team at the BBC to
deliver incredible content to
consumers across the region,” said
Vizeum Asia Pacific MD Duncan
BBC Earth offers premium content,
original commissions and a world
beating pipeline of factual
programmes that define the human
experience, our planet and the wider
universe. The channel will deliver awe
inspiring programmes in the BBC’s
well-known world class style.
BBC Earth launched with Shark, the
history of the ocean’s greatest
The new channel will also see the Asia
premiere of The Hunt, within 24 hours
of the UK telecast. The blue chip
landmark series, narrated by Sir David
Attenborough and executive produced
by award-winning producer, Alistair
Fothergill, explores the dramatic
world of predation as never before,
taking an intimate look at the
remarkable strategies of hunters and
the hunted, exploring the challenges
animals face and the tactics they
Other programmes on the channel will
include the series Life Below
Zero, which follows the lives of hard-
working people living off the grid in
Alaska, Infested in which Dr Michael
Mosley explores the bizarre and
fascinating world of parasites by
turning his body into a living
laboratory and deliberately infesting
himself with them, and Human
Universe, in which rockstar turned
nuclear physicist Professor Brian Cox
explores our place in the universe.

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