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You can use mobiles in flights within India

New Delhi: ‘Please put your mobile phones on the flight mode’. Now on, you may hear an airhostess announcing this before your flight takes off instead of asking you to switch it off.

This has now become possible with the DGCA today amending the rule which bans use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) and allowing their usage in all phases of flight but on a non-transmitting or flight mode, official sources said.

More [url=http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/now-you-can-use-mobiles-laptops-in-flight-mode-within-india-512675]Soruce[/url]


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  1. Good share bro.

  2. Yea, they cannot allow that because the mobile signals may interfere with the communication system of the plane.

  3. But no signal from Mobiles just after take off so we cannot make or receive calls 🙁

  4. Good that you can use it now in flight mode.Laptop can also be used now.

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