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  1. [quote=’MJ786′ pid=’55311′ dateline=’1468002673′]
    Jetha HD camera mein fit nahi ho raha
    Lol [emoji12] [emoji12] [emoji12]

  2. [quote=’SPANDAN’ pid=’55307′ dateline=’1468000271′]
    Also Sony Espn2 HD

    There is already sony espn HD Tamil running , so this could replace that

  3. Jetha HD camera mein fit nahi ho raha

  4. only God knows when launch sab hd[PERSEVERING FACE]

  5. whenever u post, dont let us see the SAB HD and its permission date , its very irritating seeing them get licence 6 months ago but still channel didnt start :sleepy: :sleepy:

    BTW , Lot of new channels getting permission. But there is no Eye on its programs and contents.

  6. Also Sony Espn2 HD

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