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Zee TV to launch new primetime drama ‘Yeh Vaada Raha’

MUMBAI: Zee TV is all set to unveil a
new primetime drama called ‘Yeh
Vaada Raha’, which will explore the
bond between two individuals who have
very little in common.
Set in Mumbai, the story centres on
Kartik, the 19-year-old nephew of a
local don and 9-year-old Survi, the
daughter of an honest, upright chawl-
The show features an ensemble cast.
Rinku Karmakar, who returns to
television after a gap of nearly two
years, plays the character of the
don’s wife Taayi. Ankush Arora plays
the lead protagonist Kartik, while
child artist Roshni Walia plays Survi.
Other prominent names include actors
Pankaj Vishnu (Survi’s father
Shrikant) and Ajay Paul (the local don
Karmarkar said, “I’d been looking
forward to a unique, layered role that
I could sink my teeth into as an actor
and the moment I heard the narration
of Taayi’s role, I took it up
immediately. I am playing a
Maharashtrian character unlike any
other you’ve seen so far. It is,
undoubtedly, a challenge for me and I
am already preparing myself in terms
of getting the diction and other
mannerisms and nuances right. We
have a great creative team working on
the show and the cast is truly
talented. I’m looking forward to a
great viewer’s response once the
show goes on air.”
Produced by Trishula Productions, the
show will take viewers through the
innocent world of Kartik and Survi.
They form a bond so strong that
Survi, mature beyond her years, will
always look out for Kartik, and he, in
turn, will go all out to protect Survi
from the big, bad world at all times.

Zee TV to launch new primetime drama ‘Yeh Vaada Raha’

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