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ZEEL aspires to be among top global media brands by 2020

MUMBAI: Subhash Chandra-promoted
Indian media conglomerate Zee
Entertainment Enterprises Ltd
(ZEEL), which currently reaches to
over 959 million viewers across 169
countries, has set a vision to be
among the top global media
conglomerates in the world by year
The company, which currently beams
33 domestic and 36 international
channels, has set up an ambition to
achieve five times viewership growth
and four times growth in content
consumption by 2020.
“We clearly foresee ZEEL being
ranked among the top global media
brands in the next five years. Our
initiatives are based on the orbit-
shifting thoughts and ambitions set
for the year 2020, with clear,
quantifiable parameters, giving us
visibility of how the future will unfold
for us, capitalising on opportunities
along the way,” ZEEL chairman
Subhash Chandra said in its annual
report for FY 2014–15, titled
‘Investing in Tomorrow’.
“Despite challenges, we have emerged
as a global content powerhouse,
catering to the varying aspirations of
audiences in a seamless world of
entertainment. And we will continue
to move forward with confident,
determined steps, to make the most
of future opportunities,” his message
During FY15, ZEEL expanded
aggressively in the American,
European, APAC and Middle East
markets. It also launched new
channels with a focus on ‘rich and
engaging’ content, customised to
specific audience groups.
“We are creating competencies for
tomorrow across our business. We
have devoted significant efforts to
reorganise ourselves, to create
content incubation centres, and to
focus on a global stage,” ZEEM MD and
CEO Punit Goenka said.
Execution roadmap
Creating an entertainment platform
based on mobility: In order to gear up
for the rising trend of accessing
content on the go, the company is set
to create an entertainment platform
that is based on mobility.
The ideas factory: For every idea to
be evaluated and explored thoroughly,
it is setting up an incubation cell that
will function in the manner of an
ideas factory. This incubation centre
will be based on furthering a culture
of innovation and creativity,
responsible for generating new
concepts in a structured manner
leading to problem solving.
Creating a talent pipeline of
leadership: As people are the most
vital aspect of its strategy, the
company is identifying and grooming
future leaders to ensure a high-
performing culture.
Global benchmarking: It is creating an
internal cell to regularly monitor its
operational environment worldwide
and identify practices to emerge as a
world-class entertainment company.

ZEEL aspires to be among top global media brands by 2020

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