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Zindagi to launch two new shows for festive season

MUMBAI: Zindagi is set to launch two
new shows, ‘Daam’ and ‘Ashk’, this
festive season.
‘Daam’ will premiere on 26 October at
8:30 pm, while ‘Ashk’ will launch on
29 October airing at 9:30 pm.
‘Daam’ will question true friendship
and love. It narrates the tale of two
best friends, Zara and Maliha, whose
bond remains unbroken despite their
economic disparities. This seemingly
unbreakable friendship faces a
challenge when Maliha’s brother,
Junaid, shows interest in marrying
Zara. Maliha cannot fathom her
friend from a lower social class as her
possible sister-in-law. In an effort
to break Zara and Junaid’s bond of
love, she offers a friend a ‘daam’ to
leave her brother.
The conflict between choosing love or
money forms the core of this drama.
The show stars Aamina Sheikh, Adeel
Hussain, Sanam Baloch and Sanam
Saeed. It sheds light on the social
complications of life. The show has
been created by Mehreen Jabbar.
Meanwhile, the second show ‘Ashk’
stars popular hero Fawad Khan and
presents different manifestations of
love to its viewers.
It’s a story of Rohail (Fawad Khan)
who lives in Turkey and has never
experienced pain in love. His friend
Madiha has only loved him but it’s not
mutual. Breaking Madiha’s heart,
Rohail leaves for Pakistan to marry
his cousin Mehr-u-nisa, but on his
arrival, rejects her and expresses his
preference for her sister, Zaib-u-
nisa. Both sisters share a strong bond
and Rohail’s sudden change of heart
leaves them in a lot of pain and angst.
Zaib, however, agrees to marry Rohail
just to take revenge for her sister.
Besides Khan, the show also stars
Mehreen Raheel amongst others.

Zindagi to launch two new shows for festive season

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