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Zindagi to refresh 10 pm band with ‘Kashmakash’

MUMBAI: Zindagi is refreshing its 10
pm band by launching a new show
Launching on 31 August, the show will
air from Monday to Saturday.
‘Kashmakash’ will take viewers
through the conflicts, realisation and
secrets in two marriages, showcasing
how a seed of doubt can lead to the
end of the strongest of relationships.
It will present the lives of two
couples Saba (Sajal Ali), Yousuf Mirza
(Affan Waheed) and Rahana (Juggun
Kazim) and Dr Adeel (Faisal Rehman).
An accident sends Rahana and Yousuf
into a coma and when they are
brought to the hospital, they are
assumed to be a couple. This puts
Rahana’s husband, Dr Adeel and
Yousuf’s wife Saba in a state of
Dr Adeel is shocked that his wife was
with another man and so is Saba. But
Saba decides to give her husband the
benefit of the doubt, unlike Adeel who
immediately assumes the worst.

Zindagi to refresh 10 pm band with ‘Kashmakash’

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