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Update :  D2h updates
Tuesday 31-January-2012, 12:26,
RE: D2h updates
Which dth provider shown on murasu and zee tamil channels
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Tuesday 31-January-2012, 12:36,
RE: D2h updates
Murasu not available on any DTH , and Zee Tamil only available in Dish TV.
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Tuesday 31-January-2012, 12:39,
RE: D2h updates
zee tamil as it is their own channel is on dishtv only
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Tuesday 07-February-2012, 13:04,
RE: D2h updates
* Updated *
1) Oriya (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Number of audio pids(8=>7)Number of ECM pids(9=>8)
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Wednesday 08-February-2012, 18:02,
RE: D2h updates
New data channels

* New *
1) Launcher (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 92% -
2) Launcher (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 90% -
3) Launcher (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 91% -
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Wednesday 15-February-2012, 08:21,
RE: D2h updates
* Updated *
1) TEN HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Travel XP"=>"TEN HD")
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Saturday 25-February-2012, 08:10,
RE: D2h updates
lot of the channels have changed the EPG names

* Updated *
1) DISHA Channel (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Disha TV"=>"DISHA Channel")
2) StarPlus HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Plus HD"=>"StarPlus HD")
3) STAR GOLD HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Gold HD"=>"STAR GOLD HD")
4) STAR CRICKET HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Cricket HD"=>"STAR CRICKET HD")
5) MOVIES NOW HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Movies Now HD"=>"MOVIES NOW HD")
6) STAR MOVIES HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Movies HD"=>"STAR MOVIES HD")
7) STAR WORLD HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Star World HD"=>"STAR WORLD HD")
8) Discovery HD WORLD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Discovery HD World"=>"Discovery HD WORLD")
9) ZEE TV HD (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee TV HD"=>"ZEE TV HD")
10) SURYA TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Surya TV"=>"SURYA TV")
11) KIRAN TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Kiran TV"=>"KIRAN TV")
12) Asianet PLUS (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Asianet Plus"=>"Asianet PLUS")
13) KAIRALI TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Kairali TV"=>"KAIRALI TV")
14) AMRITA TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Amrita TV"=>"AMRITA TV")
15) DD MALAYALAM (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Malyalam"=>"DD MALAYALAM")
16) Manorama NEWS (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Manorama News"=>"Manorama NEWS")
17) INDIAVISION (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Indiavision"=>"INDIAVISION")
18) UDAYA TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Udaya TV"=>"UDAYA TV")
19) UDAYA MOVIES (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Udaya Movies"=>"UDAYA MOVIES")
20) ZEE Kannada (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Kannada"=>"ZEE Kannada")
21) UDAYA MUSIC (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Udaya Music"=>"UDAYA MUSIC")
22) Suvarna NEWS 24x7 (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Suvarna News 24x7"=>"Suvarna NEWS 24x7")
23) UDAYA COMEDY (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Udaya Comedy"=>"UDAYA COMEDY")
24) DD CHANDANA (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Chandana"=>"DD CHANDANA")
25) ZEE Bangla (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Bangla"=>"ZEE Bangla")
26) STAR Jalsha (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Jalsha"=>"STAR Jalsha")
27) STAR Ananda (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Ananda"=>"STAR Ananda")
28) Rupashi Bangla (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Ruposi Bangla"=>"Rupashi Bangla")
29) 24 Ghanta (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("24 Ghanta TV"=>"24 Ghanta")
30) RAJYA SABHA (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Rajya Sabha"=>"RAJYA SABHA")
31) SONY Aath (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Sony Aath"=>"SONY Aath")
32) NEWS TIME (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("News Time"=>"NEWS TIME")
33) SHALOM TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Shalom TV"=>"SHALOM TV")
34) JAYA MAX (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Jaya Max"=>"JAYA MAX")
35) JINVANI TV (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Jinvani TV"=>"JINVANI TV")
36) DHOOM MUSIC (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Dhoom Music"=>"DHOOM MUSIC")
37) DARSHAN 24 (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Darshan 24"=>"DARSHAN 24")
38) MOVIES NOW SD (BBCL) 11546,V,43978 Channel Name("Movies Now SD"=>"MOVIES NOW SD")
39) Discovery CHANNEL (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Discovery"=>"Discovery CHANNEL")
40) NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Nat Geo"=>"NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC")
41) FOX Traveller (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Fox Traveller"=>"FOX Traveller")
42) NDTV GOOD TIMES (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Good Times"=>"NDTV GOOD TIMES")
43) ANIMAL PLANET (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Animal Planet"=>"ANIMAL PLANET")
44) zoOm (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Zoom"=>"zoOm")
45) Care WORLD (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Care World"=>"Care WORLD")
46) SUN TV (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Sun TV"=>"SUN TV")
47) SUN MUSIC (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Sun Music"=>"SUN MUSIC")
48) SUN NEWS (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Sun News"=>"SUN NEWS")
49) JAYA PLUS (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Jaya Plus"=>"JAYA PLUS")
50) STAR VIJAY (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Star Vijay"=>"STAR VIJAY")
51) JAYA TV (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Jaya TV"=>"JAYA TV")
52) SONY MAX (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Set Max"=>"SONY MAX")
53) ZEE CINEMA (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Zee Cinema"=>"ZEE CINEMA")
54) STAR GOLD (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Star Gold"=>"STAR GOLD")
55) UTV MOVIES (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("UTV Movies"=>"UTV MOVIES")
56) UTV ACTION (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("UTV Action"=>"UTV ACTION")
57) Shraddha MH ONE (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("MH1 Shradha"=>"Shraddha MH ONE")
58) Aashtha (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("Aastha"=>"Aashtha")
59) NAT GEO ADVENTURE (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("NGC Adventure"=>"NAT GEO ADVENTURE")
60) NAT GEO WILD (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 Channel Name("NGC Wild"=>"NAT GEO WILD")
61) STAR News (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Star News"=>"STAR News")
62) ZEE NEWS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee News"=>"ZEE NEWS")
63) IBN7 (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("IBN 7"=>"IBN7")
64) INDIA TV (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("India TV"=>"INDIA TV")
65) DD nEWS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("DD News"=>"DD nEWS")
66) Sudarshan NEWS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Sudarshan TV"=>"Sudarshan NEWS")
67) ZEE BUSINESS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Business"=>"ZEE BUSINESS")
68) TIMES NOW (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Times Now"=>"TIMES NOW")
69) HEADLINES TODAY (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Headlines Today"=>"HEADLINES TODAY")
70) BBC WORLD NEWS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("BBC World"=>"BBC WORLD NEWS")
71) NDTV PROFIT (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("NDTV Profit"=>"NDTV PROFIT")
72) ET NOW (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("ET Now"=>"ET NOW")
73) PTC PUNJABI (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("PTC Punjabi"=>"PTC PUNJABI")
74) etc Punjabi (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("ETC Punjabi"=>"etc Punjabi")
75) PTC NEWS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("PTC News"=>"PTC NEWS")
76) PTC chak de (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("PTC Chak de"=>"PTC chak de")
77) MH ONE (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("MH1"=>"MH ONE")
78) DD PUNJABI (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Punjabi"=>"DD PUNJABI")
79) STAR MOVIES (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Movies"=>"STAR MOVIES")
80) SONY PIX (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("PIX"=>"SONY PIX")
81) ZEE STUDIO (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Studio"=>"ZEE STUDIO")
82) UTV World Movies (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("World Movies"=>"UTV World Movies")
83) MGM CHANNEL (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("MGM"=>"MGM CHANNEL")
84) STAR WORLD (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Star World"=>"STAR WORLD")
85) ZEE Cafe (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Cafe"=>"ZEE Cafe")
86) DAY & NIGHT NEWS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Day & Night News"=>"DAY & NIGHT NEWS")
87) PRIME BIG CBS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Big CBS Prime"=>"PRIME BIG CBS")
88) FOX CRIME (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("Fox Crime"=>"FOX CRIME")
89) UTV STARS (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("UTV Stars"=>"UTV STARS")
90) UTV ACTION Telugu (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 Channel Name("UTV Action Telugu"=>"UTV ACTION Telugu")
91) STAR CRICKET (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Star Cricket"=>"STAR CRICKET")
92) NEO CRICKET (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Neo Cricket"=>"NEO CRICKET")
93) TEN SPORTS (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Ten Sports"=>"TEN SPORTS")
94) NEO SPORTS (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Neo Sports"=>"NEO SPORTS")
95) STAR SPORTS (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Star Sports"=>"STAR SPORTS")
96) TEN ACTION + (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Ten Action+"=>"TEN ACTION +")
97) DD SPORTS (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("DD Sports"=>"DD SPORTS")
98) TEN CRICKET (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Ten Cricket"=>"TEN CRICKET")
99) CARTOON NETWORK (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("C.N"=>"CARTOON NETWORK")
100) hungama (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Hungama TV"=>"hungama")
101) DiSNEY CHANNEL (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Disney"=>"DiSNEY CHANNEL")
102) nick (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Nick"=>"nick")
103) DiSNEY XD (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Disney XD"=>"DiSNEY XD")
104) ANiMAX (BCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Animax"=>"ANiMAX")
105) music space HITZ (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Music Space Hitz"=>"music space HITZ")
106) V (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Channel V"=>"V")
107) B4U MUSIC (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("B4U Music"=>"B4U MUSIC")
108) vh1 (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("VH1"=>"vh1")
109) Mastiii (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Masti"=>"Mastiii")
110) ETV Gujarati (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("ETV Gujrati"=>"ETV Gujarati")
111) TV9 Gujarat (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("TV9 Gujrati"=>"TV9 Gujarat")
112) DD GIRNAR (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("DD Girnar"=>"DD GIRNAR")
113) NeTV (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("NE TV"=>"NeTV")
114) NEWS LIVE (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("News Live"=>"NEWS LIVE")
115) ESPN News (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("ESPN NEWS"=>"ESPN News")
116) Mahuaa (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Mahua"=>"Mahuaa")
117) DD URDU (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("DD Urdu"=>"DD URDU")
118) UTV bindass (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Bindass"=>"UTV bindass")
119) SONY MIX (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("Sony Mix"=>"SONY MIX")
120) DD KASHIR (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("DD Kashir"=>"DD KASHIR")
121) SVBC TTD (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 Channel Name("SVBC"=>"SVBC TTD")
122) ZEE Marathi (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Marathi"=>"ZEE Marathi")
123) STAR Pravaah (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Pravaah"=>"STAR Pravaah")
124) STAR Majha (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Majha"=>"STAR Majha")
125) ZEETalkies (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Talkies"=>"ZEETalkies")
126) DD SAHYADRI (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Sahayadri"=>"DD SAHYADRI")
127) StarPlus (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Plus"=>"StarPlus")
128) ZEE TV (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee TV"=>"ZEE TV")
129) SONY (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Sony"=>"SONY")
130) imagine TV (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Imagine"=>"imagine TV")
131) SONY SAB (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("SAB TV"=>"SONY SAB")
132) SAHARA ONE (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Sahara One"=>"SAHARA ONE")
133) LOK SABHA (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Lok Sabha"=>"LOK SABHA")
134) STAR Utsav (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Star Utsav"=>"STAR Utsav")
135) DD GYAN DARSHAN (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Gyan Darshan"=>"DD GYAN DARSHAN")
136) DD NATIONAL (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("DD1"=>"DD NATIONAL")
137) GEMINI TV (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Gemini TV"=>"GEMINI TV")
138) GEMINI COMEDY (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Gemini Comedy"=>"GEMINI COMEDY")
139) GEMINI MUSIC (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Gemini Music"=>"GEMINI MUSIC")
140) ZEE TELUGU (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Zee Telugu"=>"ZEE TELUGU")
141) GEMINI MOVIES (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Gemini Movies"=>"GEMINI MOVIES")
142) TV9 (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("TV9 Telugu"=>"TV9")
143) TV5 NEWS (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("TV5 Telugu"=>"TV5 NEWS")
144) SAKSHI TV (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Sakshi TV"=>"SAKSHI TV")
145) TARANG (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Tarang"=>"TARANG")
146) TARANG MUSIC (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Tarang Music"=>"TARANG MUSIC")
147) DD ODIA (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("DD Odiya"=>"DD ODIA")
148) HOME SHOP 18 (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Home Shop 18"=>"HOME SHOP 18")
149) Enterr10 (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Enterr 10"=>"Enterr10")
150) total (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("TOTAL TV"=>"total")
151) PRAGYA TV (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 Channel Name("Pragya TV"=>"PRAGYA TV")

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Saturday 25-February-2012, 13:13,
RE: D2h updates
yes u r right mj bhai some channel names have been changed while for others there is a change in fonts of channel names
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Saturday 25-February-2012, 21:21,
RE: D2h updates
(Saturday 25-February-2012, 13:13)aumnamonarayana Wrote: yes u r right mj bhai some channel names have been changed while for others there is a change in fonts of channel names

you are telling after seeing the update here or in stb
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Saturday 25-February-2012, 21:28,
RE: D2h updates
* New *
1) Help (BBCL) 11483,V,43978 93% -
2) Help (BBCL) 11609,H,43978 91% -
3) Help (BBCL) 11672,H,43978 88% -
4) Help App (BBCL) 11672,V,43978 87% -

* Updated *
1) Help (BBCL) 11609,V,43978 PMT(57=>1312)
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