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DTHHELP Xclusive 06MUSIC ACTIVE added in Dish TV..
Dish TV added a Active music channel 06MUSIC ACTIVE ..

it replaced Nameless channel..

Is it fta?
Yes .. its FTA with 10 separate audio PIDs.. all r working fine.. most r in Hindi with separate type of songs .. likes of Gazzal, rap, Punjabi and others.. I didnt find in STB as i am not getting Active services .. so if any one can see and confirm the addition is STB..
I also not find this service
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(Wednesday 29-July-2015, 11:21)Jitendra Kumar Wrote: I also not find this service

Mr.Saini Copied this news without any Snaps.. its not added in STB or any Snap from FTA Reciever from "HIM" .
Do they allow    or remove the thread ?
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