1 DD Bharati removed from Tatasky....

Breaking FIRST : 1 DD Bharati removed from Tatasky....
Tatasky removed a additional DD Bharati channel..
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It is still running at 161
Its removed from Transponder according to scan .. May be 1 more in another Transponder if its still exists..
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Yes sir, duplicate must have been removed
Yes it was a additional channel.. it exists in 11170 H...
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Sir, plz keep a check on 10th they will activate dual polarity and add new chs.

Also currently the three hd chs which they r testing, have they converted tesservice chs which were there to this? Or have these been added separately?
Aumnanonarayan frm
Where u got this news abt new sat activation??
Spandan bro, i collect info, analyze it and then reaxh an outcome in cases where there is no confirmed news and in this case this tgeory stands fully true. Also cust care confirmed that they hsve 24 tp's

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