1 New TP added on Tatasky

1 New TP added in Tatasky NIT , the details are

Frequency: 10.930 GHz
Modulation: 8PSK (DVB-DSNG/Turbo/DVB-S2)
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 32720 MSps
FEC: 3/4


This TP is currently available in NIT and not having any signals


NIT: 14 transponders
– New in NIT: 11320,H,32000 QPSK 7/8
New in NIT: 10930,H,32720 8PSK 3/4 r:0.20


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  1. Today after checking with more detailed look found that all the channels of TP 11470 Vertical 32720 are showing as coming with 10930 H 32720 tp .

    1. So it going to be used by Ts as a replacement Tp ?

  2. We can say its dummy as no signal. but parameters are matching
    And remember few years ago even Vertical TPs were first added as Dummy only

  3. Exclusive update bro .. is it dummy Tp or actual ?

  4. But neither Insat 4A nor GSat 10 has any such transponder. Is it just dummy frequency? Previously there were some posts which stated that some channels for Hotel Package present on them. MJ Bro, can u please share more insight. Tata Sky is changing home tp to GSat 10 in latest software update along with making all stb compatible with super lnb. Seems like they are planning major changes ahead

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