10 more channels converted to MPEG4 by Ttasky.

DTHHELP Xclusive 10 more channels converted to MPEG4 by Ttasky.
10 more channels has been converted to MPEG4 by tatasky.
1) Colors
3) Ch. 100
4) Pogo 
5) Colors 
7) STAR Sports 3
8) STAR Sports 1 
9) DD National
10) Hungama
Finally after more than two years since it started, MPEG 4 migration has been completed. Congrats fellow tata sky subscribers.

Now waiting for channel addition
yes finally MPEG4 migration completed.
congratulations Tatasky user'sSmile Smile
So one chapter is completed.. now Tatasky may shift all channels to GSAT 10.. as per 1 site i read they r going to shift all channels to GSAT 10.. if its correct then no further Addition of transponders for Tatasky ..
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Ch.99 still there mpeg2 format
I think it should be in MPEG2 for timebeiing bcoz its a informing channel about migrations.. there may be still few active MPEG2 STBs .. they has to be informed the migrations when they r not getting channels..
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A very hefty task with hard labour and heavy expenses completed. Kudos to Tatasky. Unforgettable experience indeed for both Tatasky and its users.
Yeah.. Its very very hard work to do all things by almost visiting the subscribers house.. its obvious that some faults will happen ..
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