10 more channels started testing on Tatasky

DTHHELP Xclusive 10 more channels started testing on Tatasky
10 more channels are added and testing on frequency, all are on same frequency 10970 V 32720 and all are showing same EPG name as Cine 21

Now this frequency is having 38 channels
Mj Bhai is IndiaNewsRajasthan is in Testing or not??
no not there till now
DH exclusive!
What are the Channel names @Mj bhai ??
(Monday 22-February-2016, 22:39)Sarfaraj Khan Wrote: What are the Channel names @Mj bhai ??

all 10 were showing names as Cine21 that time
Now all 10 channel names updated
All are on frequency 10970 V

The 10 channel names are

Munsif ( but they mentioned as Musif)
Wow cinema
sarvdharam sangam
R Vision
Cinema TV
Sadhna Prime News
Bhai Epg added on 10 channels ??
yes all 10 channels are also having EPG
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  • ravinder
some of them are finding 9 channels in testing and are saying R vision is delayed,, but its not true R Vision is also available and its in between Soham and Cinema TV channels. video pid 7331, audio 7332, SID 2533

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