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10 more channels started testing on Tatasky
Bhai now R Vision will be added or not ??
Now waiting for ITV Choice HD, Da Vinci Learning HD, MTV Indies HD, Nat Geo Music HD, Nat Geo People HD, Insight HD, Romedy Now HD, Vh1 HD, TV5 Monde Asie HD, Travel XP HD, Star Sports Regional HD chs etc.

Also remaining Hindi Movie chs, FTV, news chs (region specific), more hindi religious chs etc. & more international chs
@MJ bro any new channels started testing ??
I think remaining SD chs would also be added from 10970 V, next would be addition of HD chs from 11130 V and later few more tp's would be used for additions. Remember they have 6 V tp's active and under testing since a long time . They have grand addition plans, wait n watch as more V tp's get added on NIT.

Also would be interesting to see in future whether they will use Insat+GSat and will get more tp space after expiry of Insat or Insat+GSat is just a temporary arrangement till they continue migration to Asiasat (though possibility is less as it would require massive expenditure and manpower to realign so many dishes)
(Tuesday 23-February-2016, 20:48)Sarfaraj Khan Wrote: @MJ bro any new channels started testing ??

yes 11 channels now testing including india new rajasthan
What are the channel names bro nd on which tp are all these 11 channels testing ?? nd Is R vision still testing or removed ??
(Tuesday 23-February-2016, 08:59)MJ786 Wrote: some of them are finding 9 channels in testing and are saying R vision is delayed,, but its not true R Vision is also available and its in between Soham and Cinema TV channels. video pid 7331, audio 7332, SID 2533

R Vision is not visible for other expert scanners ..  its in hidden status .. i think we can only see that channel..
Total 38 Channels in 10970 V Transponder...
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Kumarbhai is 38 Channels more are testing by TataSky in another transponder. ??
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No... 38 Channels in 10970 V but 37 added in STB...
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Kumarbhai i m talking abt 11130 tp. Is any channel testing on that tp also.

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