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1st Big Expose of Copy Cat Forum

Here is 1st Big Expose of Copy Cat Forum for this year

we have made a post regarding mtv beats hd addition

First of all thanks for Arsh bro for his help in exposing the bigger copy idiots of that forum and how they are faking the news and sources with false and fake email replies.

We had made a plan to expose them and hence made a post about MTV beats HD addition on airtel digital tv and as expected within 1 hour or so it is copied in that copy cat forum without source.

As expected one alleged expert comes and says he got email reply with exactly the same LCN which we mentioned and says he got it from airtel side but that idiot forgot to check the year and posted as 2018 instead of the year 2019.And all those idiots including Mods, super mods, and dreamer experts simply thanked him without reading. This show how illiterate they are in reading what is written there. That is the quality of the forum which fakes everything and is fit for gossips.

here is copy of the email screenshot which he makes himself and posted as if he got from airtel team and what a coincidence it comes just after our post.

and then what you can expect as usual all fake ids started pouring thanks and good news messages and blah blah

This is the value of that forum which they claim is like a family

Wah what a family ,,, dusron se eent (bricks) churake apna ghar banane chale hai ye log..

God will punish these idiots and shame on the Admin who is allowing these things to happen, utter disgusting and nonsense forum which is day by day loosing its credibility due to its stupid team which has no knowledge on DTH activities and what is fake and what is real and allowing fake posts to  continue just for sake of getting loads and likes.


Updated: March 7, 2019 — 11:28 pm


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  1. Thanks DTH helpnet. Bapun taught us to copy and steal in life and win on basis of cheating to earn money.

  2. Lol….Good work Team. Those copycats wont change at all and its Admin wont ban them becoz he needs to earn money.

    From next time it will be gpod if atleast they give credits to DTHhelp. net Team.

  3. This is not the first time, and won’t be last, Bafoon Humare Samne Bachha Hai, Woh wohi rahega Dino sudhar gaya fir bhi Bafoon nahi sudrega

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