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Breaking FIRST : 2 New frequency on Insat 4B at 93.5 East
2 New frequency are testing on Insat 4B at 93.5east

both are without any channels

11590 H 12000
11670 V 12000
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Some where some one got a new frequency and he also claims signal vanished after some time. He some how got Homeshop 18 on it! All wrong news due to desperation.
I think u r mentioning this TP 11086 given by one person and claiming good news and saying he got channels and it went again, its totally wrong and misleading as it always happen in that forum. and no one can understand or question it too. 


But see i am still having signals now too with same channels and frequency , he didnt check his scan properly and simply got enthusiastic to post . He should check the parameters properly and then update in forum for members to read as its for members help.. The Frequency he got is Wrong.

That so called great Expert makes a mess always.. its bcoz his Skew is differant from all other sat scanners Big Grin..
On Topic.. Yes 2 Transponders in Testing Mode ...
Full Parameters..


Both r in DVBS only...
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I think recently they removed two S2 frequencies which were for DD FD like 11110 V 30000 and 11490 V 30000. so 2 frequencies are still which can be added.. hope these 2 are now as replacement for those in DVB S, but SR needs to be increased
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